What Can Hurt You?

I was once told to stare somebody right in the eyes if I really wanted to know their intentions. Maybe you’ve heard that same advice at one time or another.

Bad advice can get you killed.

While it’s true up to a point – you can determine a lot about someone by feeling somebody out, and trying to discover truth or deception – you can also get lost trying to stare into someone’s eyes. You lose your peripheral vision.

What makes an individual dangerous? Number one it’s their arms and hands. It’s their ability to throw objects, or strike you, or hold you down and choke you, or use a weapon.

I would never jump into a tank with a great white shark. Why? Because it has powerful jaws full of sharp teeth. What makes a great white dangerous? The fact that it can bite your leg off.

Now if someone were to pull all those teeth out – all of them – I’d no longer be afraid to jump into the tank. What made the shark dangerous is no longer there.

Now, suppose you have an attacker in front of you, and he has no arms. How afraid are you? Probably not very.

Can he hurt you? Absolutely. He could throw a kick. He could hold you down with his legs and bite you. But he’s going to be ninety percent ineffective with whatever he does. Why? Because he can’t grab you, or punch you, or wield a weapon. You’re going to be able to pretty much dominate this individual.

So when you’re talking to a person, watch their body. I’ve never been struck by somebody’s eye. An eye has never flown out of somebody’s head and hit me, and until it does, I’m not going to lock onto the eyes as though they’re going to hurt me.

Hands hurt you. Elbows hurt you. Knees hurt you. Weapons hurt you. People blading their body, shifting their weight, bringing their hands above their waist – these are signs they may be about to hurt you. Somebody’s eyes will not hurt you. I can’t be more simplistic than that.

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