The Secret Advantage Attackers Always Have

TPM: Time, Place, and Method of Attack

An attacker will always have the initial advantage, because he starts off with control. He or she will almost always have complete control over what time they attack. Once a time has been selected, they will choose a place that’s convenient for them to carry out the attack. Last but not least, they will choose the method of attack, or the means with which to physically harm you.

You, as an honest and upstanding citizen, won’t have the luxury of knowing in advance the time, place, and method of attack. Usually the plan is in full swing before you’re even aware of what’s going on. In most cases, you won’t even know your attacker – his history, his strengths and weaknesses, or anything else about him.

What can you do to counteract these overwhelming factors? You must become vigilant about your time and place, so as to not present yourself as an easy target (opportunity).

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