New Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tool Wins on Simplicity

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In a perfect world, people would not be concerned about violent crime. But in our world, murderers, rapists, and violent people do exist and their victims number in the hundreds of thousands every year. That may be why the demand for self-defense training and non-lethal weapons is exploding. This is according to a new report published by Allied Market Research on trends and forecasts for the less-lethal self-defense weapon markets.

A non-lethal weapon (AKA less-lethal weapon) is designed to help someone escape rather than kill or seriously injure an attacker. Many people do not have the “stomach” to shoot another human. Stabbing someone with a knife seems downright gory. If you’ve ever cut into a turkey and hit a bone, you get the idea.

That’s why products like pepper spray and Mace have been so popular. But, there is a reason police officer training includes dealing with spray. It’s not because it works all of the time. It’s because it doesn’t.

In the stress of an attack, getting the spray out and aiming accurately is so difficult that officers are trained to be able to function in a fight in case they spray themselves in the face or get caught downwind.

According to former police officer and sheriff, Chris Sutton, there are three criteria that make a weapon effective for self-defense.
1. It has to be accessible. If you have to dig for it in your glove compartment or bottom of your purse, you are already in trouble. Attacks happen up close and fast. Bad guys don’t yell across a parking lot that they are coming to get you.

2. It has to be deployable. In other words, easy to use under stress. Can you quickly and easily engage with the weapon even if the attacker has his hands on you already?

3. Easy to conceal. Concealment doesn’t always mean hidden. Police officers use their metal clip boards and heavy flashlights all of the time to bash bad guys. These are weapons that are hidden in the open.

There is a new less-lethal self-defense tool that meets this criteria. My Defense Tool® (MDT) is a discreet defensive weapon that is comfortably strapped in the palm of the hand. It’s small enough to allow someone to use their phone, shop, carry items etc without it getting in the way.

The MDT body is about the size of a screwdriver and it’s tapered to multiply the impact of any strike. The tip leaves a unique wound on the assailant and scrapes DNA from flesh and hair into the body to provide evidence to law enforcement.

Sutton, who runs a global self-defense organization, says the MDT is an ideal choice because of its simplicity, “Using the MDT is like pounding on a table. You just pound, scrape and tear. Pounding is a gross motor skill that will not be lost in the high adrenal state of an attack. There are no moving parts, triggers, blades, or sprays. The MDT might be the perfect defensive tool in an imperfect world.”

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