Do You Have the Stomach for Self-Defense?

When choosing a self-defense weapon, most people will decide what to go with based upon influence from friends, family, work colleagues and web-based research. What this common process fails to address may be the most important aspect of all. Emotion. Do you have the stomach to use the weapon? Let’s take out the mechanics of how the weapon works and explore if you are a good match for your weapon emotionally.

There are two categories of self-defense weapons or tools. Lethal and non-lethal (AKA less-lethal).

Lethal Weapons

A lethal weapon means a deadly weapon. Any weapon that is capable of producing great bodily harm or death is a lethal weapon. While there are many laws regarding guns, anyone can carry a kitchen knife without a permit.

Concealed Firearms

There is a huge difference between shooting paper and shooting people. Beyond the mechanics of getting the gun out, using it, and not losing it to your attacker, the very idea of shooting another human is not something many people are comfortable with.

Knives and Stabbing Devices

If you’ve ever cut into a chicken or turkey and hit the bone, you get an idea of how visceral stabbing a person is. It is the application of a lethal weapon up close and personal.

Non-Lethal Weapons

A non-lethal weapon (AKA less-lethal weapon) is designed to help someone escape rather than kill or seriously injure an attacker. Keep in mind that some non-lethal weapons are not allowed or require a permit in certain states.


Pepper Spray and Mace have the advantage of distance. That’s comforting because who wants to get close to an attacker? That also may be a false sense of security. Attacks happen at arm’s length.

Accuracy is also an issue with sprays. Police officers actually get sprayed in the face during training so they will be able to function in case they end up spraying themselves or get the residue in their eyes during a struggle.

The fact they can learn to resist the pain of the spray means some attackers can too. Few things will get your knees knocking faster than spraying an attacker that you miss or that ignores the spray and keeps on coming.

Stun Gun or Taser

Stun guns and Taser deliver a powerful electrical shock to the attacker. While a Taser can be fired from a distance, a stun gun requires direct contact. Both require a positive and negative connection to the target so if just one side hits and the other misses, you’re the one that’s going to get an emotional shock when the bad guy keeps coming.

Like the sprays, there is a process required to use either of these devices. You have to pull it out, aim, and keep it out of the hands of your attacker. Any failure and you’re in for the fight of your life.

My Defense Tool (

There is a new self-defense tool that is designed for simplicity. My Defense Tool (MDT) is strapped to your hand so you won’t drop it or have it taken away from you. It’s also small enough to allow you to use your phone, shop, carry items etc without it getting in the way.

Using the MDT is like pounding on a table. You just pound, scrape and tear. Pounding is a gross motor skill that will not be lost in the high adrenal state of an attack. There are no moving parts, triggers, blades, or sprays.

The MDT body is about the size of a screwdriver and it’s tapered to concentrate the impact of any strike. The tip leaves a unique wound on the assailant and scrapes DNA from flesh and hair into the body to provide evidence to law enforcement.

MDT greatly embellishes your natural reaction to an attack which is to hit and pound, not pull a trigger or aim. Because the MDT works with your instinctive response, it is the easiest weapon to use physically and emotionally.

The choice of self-defense weapon works best when the weapon is matched with the emotion and limitations of responding in a high-stress situation that leaves little room for error. During an attack, the stress level is so high that any complexity in employing a weapon greatly increases the chance of failure. The more basic and simple the weapon, the more likely you will be able to escape. In our research, tools like the MDT wins on simplicity.

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