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I’m a flight attendant for Southwest and I got it to carry on my overnights when I’m walking around a city to explore or go have lunch or dinner. A couple of my friends were attacked on an overnight and I wish they had something like this.

We can carry this through security even if we're not going through KCM. Anyone that travels on their own a lot should carry one of these with them.

-- Karen Seeley, Southwest Airlines

best self defense tool

This New Self-Defense Tool Can Save Your Life:

MAGNIFIES FORCE – Tapered tip amplifies any defensive strike

COLLECTS EVIDENCE – Impact tip stores DNA and fiber materials

AIDS LAW ENFORCEMENT – Unique tip leaves distinctive wounds

HAND STRAP - Helps prevent dropping or losing it to an attacker

INSTANTLY EFFECTIVE – Can cause instant pain to an attacker

LIGHT WEIGHT – Weighs about an ounce

COMFORTABLE – Sits snug in your hand

Free Course: Everyday Weapons

This 15-lesson course by world renown self-defense expert Chris Sutton will teach you how to turn everyday items into everyday weapons. Each lesson is less than 2-minutes and you’ll get a new one every 3 days.

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How My Defense Tool® Works

A self-defense weapon can only work if it's in your hand, not in your pocket or purse.

Are You Prepared?

Personal safety is a major concern for many people, especially women. As violence increases, our options for protection are shrinking.

Killers, muggers, and rapists are becoming more aggressive every day. Attacks happen at arm’s length. Often times when someone is attacked, even if they have a self-defense device, they can’t get it out in time to use it. 

But, what if there was a way to stop an attack or theft? Now there is, it's called My Defense Tool®.

"I recommend My Defense Tool. I like that it has a strap and is light in weight. And, because it has no metal or blade ...I feel safer having it with me in airports and while in flight."

-- Karen Eden, Former Fox News Reporter

The 3 requirements for a self-defense tool to be effective.

When choosing a self-defense weapon, IT HAS TO BE:

  • Easy to Conceal

    You always want the element of surprise when defending yourself. My Defense Tool does not look like a self-defense weapon. The attacker will not be guarding against the tool if he doesn’t even know you have it.

  • Easy to Retain

    If an attacker can take your weapon away, there’s a good chance he’s going to use it on you. My Defense Tool is strapped to your hand so it’s hard to take it away or to drop it. If you fall, it remains securely in place.

  • Easy to Use

    During the heat of an attack, complex motor skills, like aiming and pulling a trigger, are far more difficult. My Defense Tool uses simple motor skills. If you can pound a table you can use My Defense Tool.

Why My Defense Tool is better than Pepper Spray

When an attack starts, the fine motor skills required to dig pepper spray out of your bag, aim it accurately and push the button become much more difficult. My Defense Tool has nothing to spray, no buttons or triggers, and uses gross motor skills. If you can pound a table, you can use My Defense Tool. It's that easy.

What Self-Defense Experts Say

Former law enforcement, prison guards, and security expert's professional evaluation.

  • My Defense Tool meets all criteria for an excellent self-defense weapon. It's easy to use. Easy to conceal and highly effective. -- Chris Sutton, COBRA-Defense Systems
  • I recommend My Defense Tool to anyone who wants an extra advantage when the need to defend themselves arises. -- Manny Cabrera, Counter Assault Training Systems
    Counter Assault Training Systems
  • My Defense Tool is an easy to use self-defense tool. It's ideal for anyone seeking a non-lethal option for self-defense. -- Tim McCahan, Former Bounty Hunter

The tip is designed to leave a unique wound pattern for easy identification.

Impact tip leaves distinctive tool marks on bodies and clothing, while gathering evidence to help identify suspects.

The tools scrapes DNA evidence from the skin, hair, and fiber of the attacker.

DNA evidence is stored in the tool to aid law enforcement in capturing and convicting your attacker.

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