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best non lethal self defense device

My Defense Tool® FOR PERSONAL SELF-DEFENSE. Buy My Defense Tool for self-defense and personal safety. The popularity of self-defense devices has exploded due to the increase in crime. My Defense Tool has a unique tip, which marks the assailant and may aid in identification when apprehended. MADE IN THE USA

My Defense Tool is Easy to use:

1. Slip the tool on to your hand when you are going out alone.

2. If needed, the tip greatly increases the power of your strikes and collects DNA evidence to aid law enforcement.

  • Tim McCahan

    non-lethal self defense tool

    The best non-lethal weapon ever. It's so hidden and concealed. The element of surprise makes this work!

    Tim McCahan Former Bounty Hunter
  • Amy Ratekin

    non-lethal self defense tool

    I am so excited about My Defense Tool. It is easy for anyone to use. This tool is easy to use and ready instantly.

    Amy Ratekin Iowa Bully Prevention Teacher
  • Karen Seeley

    non-lethal self defense tool

    I'm a flight attendant and I got it to carry on my overnights when I'm walking around a city to explore or go have lunch or dinner.

    Karen Seeley Southwest Airlines
  • Karen Eden Herdman

    non-lethal self defense tool

    I endorse the My Defense Tool. I like that it has a strap and is light in weight. And because the My Defense Tool has no metal or blade ...I feel safer having it with me in airports and while in flight.

    Karen Eden Herdman Former Fox News Reporter
  • Julio Anta

    non-lethal self defense tool

    This is a great tool! My Defense Tool can save your life. I highly recommend it.

    Julio Anta Former Prison Guard and Self-Defense Expert
  • Manuel Cabrera

    non-lethal self defense tool

    The "impact tip" is a great idea for focusing the force of a defensive strike. I would recommend the My Defense Tool to anyone.

    Manuel Cabrera Tactical Training Expert
  • Alain Burrese

    non-lethal self defense tool

    My Defense Tool is a simple product to be used for justifiable self-defense without lethal force. It has a number of advantages over some of the other non-lethal devices available.

    Alain Burrese Personal Security Expert
  • Lance Murray

    non-lethal self defense tool

    I gave it to a 65 year old female friend for a few days. She walks in the evening and she said that she liked it. She said it feels good and easy to wear and still be able to use her phone, and she felt better about being able to protect herself.

    Lance Murray Tanco Industries
  • Pablo Zamora

    non-lethal self defense tool

    I recommend My Defense Tool to anyone who needs a a self-defense tool that makes more sense.

    Pablo Zamora Mastery Martial Arts
  • Andrea Harkins

    non-lethal self defense tool

    If you have been searching for a defensive tool that will give you more self-confidence and an ability to fight back from an unexpected attack, this is a great option.

    Andrea Harkins

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