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best self defense tool

My Defense Tool®

best self defense tool

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My Defense Tool® for Personal Self-Defense. Get My Defense Tool for self-defense and personal safety. My Defense Tool has a unique tip, which marks the assailant and may aid in identification when apprehended.

When you are running, walking your dog, or just out and about, My Defense Tool® provides discreet, lightweight protection when you need it.

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MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER – Specially designed tip is tapered to amplify defense striking power.

COLLECTS EVIDENCE – The impact tip scrapes and stores DNA and fiber materials.

AIDS LAW ENFORCEMENT – The tip leaves distinctive wounds to help ID an attacker.

ELASTIC HAND STRAP – Helps to prevent dropping or losing the tool to an attacker.

INSTANTLY EFFECTIVE – Pounding the weapon can cause instant pain to an attacker.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE – Weighs about an ounce and sits snug in your hand.

Answered questions

How does this compare to pepper spray? +

Pepper spray is restricted or prohibited in many regions in the USA and outlawed in Canada. It's also common for people using pepper spray to shoot themselves in the face by accident in mid-attack.

When should I use My Defense Tool®? +

Anytime you are out and alone, it makes sense to slip on My Defense Tool®. It's light and comfortably secured to your hand. You can go about your business shopping, using your phone or pretty much any activity because it does not get in the way.

How do you use My Defense Tool®? +

My Defense Tool® does not require special training, classes, or special permits. If you can pound a table, you can use My Defense Tool®. When you pound into an attacker, the tip concentrated the power and also scrapes DNA from skin, hair, and fabric.

Why not just use a gun? +

Shooting a person is different than shooting paper in a shooting range. A lethal weapon can also create massive legal problems for the defender.

Is there a blade or trigger? +

To make it easier to use and more effective, My Defense Tool® has no blades, sprays, or triggers.

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